I Almost Fell For It

I’m reading through blogs here as I munch on a cinnamon stick and I got sucked in. I started reading about a great exercise program. I even went to their web site to check it out. I can do it at home, no special equipment required, there’s an app, I can speak with a real person, what ever I need. Look at those before an after results! What an amazing transformation!

I totally see why the weight loss industry is booming. It is so easy to order or download something to help us along our journey. Just one more thing that I’ll use for a very short amount of time and it’ll fall to the side. We need ourselves. That is the instrument of our success. We need to be advocates for our own health.

What got you started on on the journey to lose weight? For me, I want to be able to move more and enjoy my life. I want to feel attractive and healthy. I want to live a long life and see my daughter grow into a fantastic adult. If that isn’t enough to motivate me to increase my fitness level, then no video, app, pill, powder, trainer, contest, or surgery will.


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