Weigh in and possible TMI

I was right, I gained this week. I’m up 1.4 lbs to 254.8. Honestly, that isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I feel so much puffier than a pound and a half. I left my gym bag at home (I packed it and forgot it), so no swimming today. I have a fruit and veggie packed lunch. I bought a monster sized zucchini and I’m trying to use it up before it spoils. I’ve had it in my scrambled eggs, in my salad, now it is zucchini sticks for me to snack on. This squash was about the size of my arm, bicep to wrist. I may pick a smaller one out next time.

I have a theory on my hormones. I have recently been getting PMS. This is pretty new. I had my tubes tied in May, so I no longer have use for hormonal birth control. These few months are the first in my adult life that I haven’t had something regulating my hormones or my moods. I’ve been on… something… since I was about 15. My body trying to regulate itself is pretty of maddening. I feel so very much and I am not immediately aware that it is irrational. And I’m incredibly tired. I know my iron has dropped. Everything tastes metallic. I want to run to the store and pick up some more potent vitamins and a pint of ice cream. That isn’t in the plan either. I’ll take my regular vitamins and eat an apple. Hopefully I will feel like myself again soon.

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