I Eat Bark

It may be a cinnamon stick, but it is still bark. I have re-embraced an old habit of chewing on cinnamon sticks. It really isn’t sweet, but it is a strong flavor that can take away my urges to snack. Do you know what tastes really good after chewing on a real cinnamon stick? Nothing. It distorts other flavors so much. It is kind of like drinking orange juice right after brushing your teeth.

So, here are some nifty facts about cinnamon sticks.

  • They are not manufactured. The bark of the tree naturally curls when it is trimmed while fresh.
  • A single stick has just 3 calories. (considering it takes me several days to eat one, that is pretty good)
  • A single stick contains 11 percent of the manganese you should consume each day. Manganese is used for blood clotting, manufacturing sex hormones and metabolizing fat and carbohydrates.

It isn’t a snack, but it keeps me from grinding my teeth and mindlessly munching when the urge strikes. I may just have to keep a few at my desk.


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