Wanted: running playlist

I’m sitting here reflecting on my time with the treadmill earlier. I am a big fan of using music to motivate or readjust my moods. I noticed that I ran a lot better/easier when my Eye of the Tiger remix came on. Tonight (or at least before my next session) I must make a playlist to give me a boost. I love all my songs, but some are better at getting me to wind down at the end of the day.

What do you listen to that gives you that extra oomph?

9 thoughts on “Wanted: running playlist

  1. Run your music through a Beats Per Minute app, some of them are able to make a playlist based on a specific tempo range and bright melody. I like using dance music and electronic music from places like http://www.beatport.com. They also have uninterrupted mixes. Most online music stores will have pre-made playlists for specific types of workouts. I think even Walmart has pre-made workout music collections on CD.

    Soundtracks are another good idea. The more heroic, the better, although they are usually slower and not good for cardio.

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I like electronic and techno when ever I’m doing something peppy. I’ll check out beatport.com. Commercials popping up seem to be disruptive.

  2. I haven’t really found a pandora or Iheartradio station that seems to just do it for me, plus, skipping songs that I don’t like seems to bust that momentum I have going. But I know that I love running to Justin Timberlake, The red hot chili peppers, and Journey! Also, the dirty dancing soundtrack. Who knows why? But they get me going! 🙂 Let me know if you find some that really motivates you!

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