Today’s plan

Today is going to be my first day of C25k. I have my gym bag, knee brace, and no excuses. I’ll be hitting the gym a bit after lunch time so that the cardio room is a bit more empty. I’m only going to the gym instead of the street because I’d like to shower before heading back to work.

I had that fabulous breakfast burrito again. I think that’ll be my last one. I inhaled it and gave me a tummy ache. It really isn’t good for me to put breakfast off that long. I’ll stick to eating breakfast at home.

I found a lovely farm stand close to work. I grabbed some fresh lettuce and peaches yesterday. They make an appearance in today’s lunch. They had tomatoes, but they weren’t quite ripe. I’ll check again later this week.

One thought on “Today’s plan

  1. Good luck! I have never been a runner and just completed 2 5ks this summer! You will feel great as you see yourself improve! If you ever need a running app (if you stop using/no longer need the C25K one) I recommend run keeper!

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