5k In My Future

So I almost signed myself up for a 5k. The only thing stopping me was thinking about the shape I’m in. It would give me something to work for… That’s a good idea. I just don’t know if I’m up for it. I could be if I pick one that gives me about a month to train. I’d at least be able to walk it at that point. Hmm… I might need a babysitter. That’s easy enough to come by. It wouldn’t be for long. I think that I can counter every reason that I have to not do it. That could only mean that I should sign up. If I have to pay to register, then that’ll keep me from backing out.

Has anyone tried the Couch to 5k program? How’d it go?


10 thoughts on “5k In My Future

  1. I’m doing it right now and its fantastic! I’m doing cross-training or strength training, whatever its called and thats the only part that has my entire body in pain. Other then that I would feel fantastic. It starts out on the easy side to build your confidence then it adds in the real work. Give it a shot!

  2. I tried a couch to 5K program and it worked! I ran my first 5K without stopping and I was very proud of myself (I’m not naturally a runner). Best of luck!

  3. I have not tried couch to 5k, but I have several friends who have and they loved it. I think you should sign up for a turkey trot on Thanksgiving. It is a fun run and if you want to run for time you can and if you just want to have a good time you. It is a great first run!

  4. i’m using “get running” iphone app, that is a couch to 5km run/coaching app. So far it’s great, i’m in week 3 of the program, and running/walking inbetween 3-5 km every other morning. Check out my blog for details

    • That’s great! I’m still trying to find an app that I really like. I’ve been using two. I dropped runkeeper since it couldn’t seem to find my location. I’ll check out your blog.

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