Ironic weekend

So I had started writing a post about procrastination on Friday. Yeah, it isn’t done yet. I don’t know if my subconscious has a sense of humor or I really can’t help putting things off sometimes. I will try and finish it up tomorrow since it is now pretty obvious that it is a problem for me.

Tomorrow is a weigh in. I am kind of looking forward to it even though my weekend was less than perfect. I feel slimmer. My pants that I usually wear as a last resort because they are way too tight were quite comfy. I even had some wiggle room in them. When I lay down, I can feel my hip bones again. That feels like progress way more than an abstract number on a scale. I just finished my homework for the week. That was part of my procrastination post. I’ll poke at it more in that post.

I moved my bicycle to my new residence and bought a new helmet. I’m going to suggest to my daughter that we go on a ride down the bike trail. Once I suggest it, she will harp on me until I have fulfilled my obligation. I need her to do that. I’ve also figured out where my treadmill and punching bag will be going. I haven’t told my boyfriend about it yet, but it is a good spot and it will be out of his way.

I didn’t drink all that much water today, and I can feel it. I have a headache, my muscles are unhappy, and I’m not concentrating all that well. I’m drinking water to make me feel better. Hopefully I will at least get my head to stop hurting. That’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll have a good update for tomorrow 🙂

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