Plan B

We have a rainy day today and I have a backup plan. I love contingency plans, they feed into my obsessive nature. I packed a gym bag. I have a gym membership for the obligatory first few weeks of a new year. Mine just happens to be on the same block as my office. I even have a backup plan for while at the gym. If the cardio areas are too crowded for me, I’ll see when I walk in, then I brought my swimsuit. I can go swim laps. That’s another knee friendly activity that I like.

I didn’t eat breakfast this morning before I left for work. I also didn’t stop at Dunkin Donuts for a breakfast sandwich. I could easily bypass that since I know that I have oatmeal and dried fruit at the office. Good planning saves my day. Planning also keeps thwarting my excuses as they pop up. Today is going to be another good day, I can feel it.

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