This is a process

I read pretty much everything here with Weight loss as a tag, and I have to say that I’m mildly disappointed in a good chunk of the posts. So many people are still trying fad diets and deprivation techniques to reach their weight loss goals. Yes, the weight will come off, but what happens when you stop? You can use drops, pills, or powders to boost your metabolism for a bit, but it just takes away your body’s ability to regulate it properly. Your lifestyle is what got you to the point where you felt that you need to make improvements. Change your lifestyle. You can drop 100 lbs, but if you go back to eating fast food and processed junk, guess what, it’ll bring you right back to where you were. Take the time and drop the extra weight naturally. Move your butt, eat healthy foods, stay away from processed junk. If it says “diet” on it, chances are you’re consuming a food like product and not real food. It takes time and effort and dedication, but we are worth it. Let’s say that again… WE ARE WORTH IT. We deserve health and happiness and to feel comfortable in our own skin.

I am not an expert. We all know how to lose weight. Move more. Eat less. We’re not going to see results over night, and why should we? We didn’t get this way over night either. Give it time and do the work.

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