These shoes are made for walking


I did it again! I left the office at lunchtime to head to the store. I opened my car door and strapped on my sneakers instead. I walked around the block. In theory, this will get easier over time. I really look forward to that.

I was reminded of a few things about walking properly when I hit the half mile mark. Step with your heel and roll to your toe. Once I started doing that, I got the feeling back in my toes. My arms didn’t feel so heavy once I was standing straight. It was even easier when I tightened my tummy to support my core. The one bad habit I’m having trouble breaking is watching my feet. I stare at the ground in front of me when I walk. You’re supposed to have your chin parallel to the ground. Just these few changes can keep me from hurting myself while walking. I don’t want to derail my efforts by a preventable injury. Cheers to another good day.


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