Perfect day!

Ever have one of those days where you feel like you should have dropped at least 5 lbs? Your food was right on target, you drank plenty of water, you exerted yourself beyond what you thought you could… That was my Tuesday. Yesterday was just perfect. I started with my little workout. I packed my healthy foods for the day. I ate a reasonable dinner and drank plenty of water throughout the day. I even walked around the block instead of just my office building. For those keeping track, it was 1.6 miles in 31 minutes. That is pretty fantastic for me. There were even hills. I was panting and sweating when I walked back into my office. Once I cleaned up, I was glowing.

You know what? I’m not going to step on the scale today. I weigh myself once a week (for my sanity mostly). I know that weight fluctuates up and down every day. Yesterday was just a few drops (happy happy drops) in my bucket for the week. I would love to have more days like them, because I feel great! And that’s why I started this journey, to feel better physically and mentally. With more great days than oops days, I’m on my way.

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