Maintaining is ok

We tend to focus on the numbers a lot. This week my weight remains 254.6. After some thought, I feel good about this. I removed 14.2 lbs in my first 4 weeks. That’s pretty amazing! Maintaining for a week isn’t that bad. Although I was very active this weekend, I didn’t do as well as I had hoped with my foods. My downfall was the party at my house. My brother brought potato salad… I love potato salad, which is why I don’t make it for home. I will eat it with every meal until it is gone. All these leftovers just need to get out of my house now. With a teenaged boy home today, I’m think that a good portion will be gone by the time I arrive home from work. Although, it did make packing my lunch pretty easy today. I have watermelon, cantaloupe, and a grilled veggie sandwich. I’m going to stay away from the potato and pasta salads. I really had enough yesterday.

This week, I’m going to continue walking even though I’m sore today. It looks like we will have some nice weather, the temperature is just right. I’ve discovered that scrubbing a floor takes way more out of me than I would like. I made my first attempt at toward my new fitness goals. On the plus side, I can only improve from here. I think I’m going to step the sit ups down to crunches and reverse crunches until my abs get a bit stronger. Also, my push ups will be on my knees for now. That’s it for now. Happy Monday!

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