Before You Change Your Body, You Must Change Your Mindset

Bill Phillips is fabulous. My brother and I had used his program many years ago with great success. I had actually reached my goal weight (losing 70+ lbs). I am so glad to find him here on WordPress. This is the path that I strayed from, Bill has the map back. Coincidentally, the next round of his challenge starts this month… Is this a sign that I should enter?

Bill Phillips Fitness News


—-This blog is all about how to set your mind in an empowering direction. Now is the right time to learn how to utilize the power of positive perspectives and focus. I hope you enjoy reading it and if the spirit moves you, please leave me a comment to share how you can apply this lesson to YOUR transformation, starting today! ~Bill—-


As I have been saying for a few years now, what I have seen first hand is that most every great transformation I’ve witnessed was preceded by a dramatic increase of self-responsibility. The moment you truly decide to accept ownership of your health, your happiness and your life is the moment when everything begins to change. When you stop blaming others, give up the complaining, and you accept responsibility, it’s then and only then that you can harness your true power and ability to take control and make remarkable changes for the…

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