I might be babbling

I purchased my shoe inserts yesterday; Now, I can walk. This weekend brings me two challenges in the form of two birthday parties. I know that each will be full of foods that I really shouldn’t be eating. My plan for the first one is to take over the veggie plate, if one is missing, I’m bringing an apple for back up. The second party is one that I am hosting. I am making a large amount of fruit salad. That will definitely take the edge off of not having cake.

I didn’t cave on the Friday donuts, but I did order a veggie calzone for lunch. When I was done eating, more than half of it was left. That may give me dinner for the rest of the weekend. I know that the kids won’t eat it.

Here’s the productive part of the weekend… I am still moving my stuff. I’m bringing everything to my new place in batches. I pack and fill my car, bring it home, and do it again the next day. I’m determined to not get a moving van until I only have furniture left. I still have 3 weeks to move, so it feels reasonable. I also have a school project due this weekend. And I have to mow the lawn for the party. And clean the bathroom. And the floors. And the never ending pile of laundry. It is amazing that by the time I finish the pile of clothes and return the basket, there is a pile waiting for me. On the plus side, my boyfriend was very happy when he said that he hasn’t had to do laundry in weeks. I’m also thinking of bringing my bike to the new place this weekend. We have a bike path that goes right by our house. It would be great if I put it to use. I wonder if my bike rack would fit on my new car…

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