Target: in sight.

My list helped yesterday. It may not have been a perfectly productive day, but I finally got things moving.

Today I would like to exercise more than just walking or my cube circuits. I was looking at the physical requirements for the FBI (an old dream of mine… I heard they needed auditors), and I do not even come close to meeting them. I would really like to make this my physical goal. You are graded on a scale of -2 – 10 , and the tests are: sit ups in one minute, 300 meter sprint (timed), push ups, and 1.5 mile (timed). So, the -2 rank in each of them are:

  • 29 sit ups in a minute
  • 67.5 seconds for 300 meters
  • 4 push ups
  • 15 minutes for 1.5 miles

I now have physical goals. Granted they are the bottom of the barrel FBI goals, but it is on the chart. I keep saying that I want to be more physically fit, but I feel like I’ve been floundering instead of moving forward. This is a very clear target to aim for. I look forward to seeing where I stand.

One thought on “Target: in sight.

  1. What a great goal to be working towards! It’s probably a very good idea to have such concrete and measurable goals, it will be so much easier to keep track of your progress. I should probably take a cue from you, because I just work out “blindly” without goals and usually think that my progress is coincidental, like I’m just having a good day or something 😀 Good luck!

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