Vacation has begun

I’m officially on vacation now. We’re heading off to Boston to take a ride on Codzilla. It is a speed boat that takes you on a crazy ride and you have a fabulous time. I’m hoping that we get to kick around in the city for a bit before we head back home. Quincy Market is right around the corner from there. I’m hoping to get a lot of steps in today. I’m also bringing fruit as a snack. Hopefully, that’ll take the edge off of lunch and I won’t end up stuffing my face with fried seafood. Legal Seafoods is right next to where we’ll be going.

I also have a delivery coming in today. I ordered some organic deodorant and lotions from I liked how they let you pick 3 samples to come with your order. There were so many other items that I wanted to try, but I have a lot of stuff to use up first too. I’ll let you know how it all goes.

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