Unexpected Sprinting

I went for a walk last night. I kind of felt guilty about skipping a day and/or not walking on the weekend. I walked to the drugstore and back. I believe that I left a bit late. It was dark by the time I returned. There’s a big stretch of road that doesn’t have any sidewalks and the corners are pretty blind. This actually helped my workout… I ran when ever I hit one of those turns. As soon as the coast was clear, I took off as fast as I could. I don’t think I’ve done sprints since I played soccer. I sure was sweating by the time I returned. I will not be walking today, I did yard work instead. I believe that wrestling vines for a while is a suitable substitute. I was taken down by a thistle. This bugger was taller than me and my gloves were no challenge for those thorns. I pulled all of them out, but the spots are tender.

We went grocery shopping earlier. I am very glad that most of our foods were fresh produce and meats. We were really light on the packaged stuff. I may be a good influence after all. My BF even opted for celery instead of chips. He said he isn’t really setting a good example for the kids when he finishes off a bag of chips. I gave a very happy nod of approval. I’m still not drinking alcohol. I feel like it is a waste of calories. There are plenty of other things that I’d rather spend 200 calories on, and a beverage isn’t one of them. And that’s it. I hope that everyone is having a lovely weekend.

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