Moods and Eating

So I’m stuck with this miserable empty feeling that I don’t know what to do with. I had an exceptionally crappy day yesterday. I even cried at work, a lot. I’m a typical numbers person, we’re not known for our feelings. I had a lot of them yesterday, and it appears that I have more today. The good I see in this? I didn’t console myself with food. That is pretty significant for me. I really hope that I’ve learned better, and that this isn’t just a fluke. We went out to dinner last night, and I took half my food home. After eating so well for over a week, I kind of balked at the serving size that was placed before me.

I don’t want to go walking today because I’m cranky, but I’m going to make me do it. I hear that physical activity is a pick me up. I need to be picked up. I don’t want to spend my day hiding in my cube, crying off and on. I don’t know why I am feeling… so… strongly. It is really not in my character to have emotion leaking out uncontrollably. I hope a walk or two takes the edge off.


3 thoughts on “Moods and Eating

  1. Great post! I also have this habit (such as many other people as well!) of eating because of sad or whatever feelings. When I felt anxious I could easily go home with 300 grams of chips, almost a liter of ice cream, pancake etc and eat it all at once even if I had been eating the normal food already. Well it’s good to realize that it only makes people to feel more shitty. I’m glad to hear that you have learned not to console yourself with food, I think that I have also gone on a right direction with my anxiety eating. And working out makes already a huge difference to the whole idea: you feel like shit and you go out walking/jogging, after that you already feel better instead of feeling like eating crap. šŸ™‚ Lets keep up the good work!

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