Fitness at home

I think that my boyfriend finally realized that I’m trying to be healthier. I brought over the balance ball so that he could stretch his back. Then I balanced on it. I like to just sit on it and lift my feet up and see how long I can keep my balance. He’s pretty competitive, so as soon as he figured out what I was doing, the stop watch came out and he had to see how well he could do. I made it to 1.39 minutes and he got to about 20 seconds. He pointed out how it would be a good ab work out, since you’re constantly readjusting your core to keep you right side up. Then, we had to compete with pushups on the ball. I won, but only because I made him laugh and he had never tried to do a pushup on a ball before. He was so close to planting his face into the floor. Once we made it back to the couch, he brought up my request to go for walks at night. He said he would like to. I’m really happy about it. I would like both of us to be healthier.

I went a bit over on calories yesterday. It was all healthy foods, but I went for seconds on dinner. I probably didn’t need the second piece of chicken. At least it was grilled with a rub, no sauce. Everyone keeps eating my salads with dinner, which is good. I wonder what other healthy sides I can sneak in. The older child has said that he’s bored with our dinners. I’ll have to come up with something good.


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