The Dreaded Friday

I love that the work week is coming to an end, don’t get me wrong, but there is something about Fridays that just fills me with dread. Donuts at the office. Most of the population of my office is trying to watch their weight in some manner, yet our office admin continues to bring in donuts every Friday as a treat. We circle the boxes in the cafeteria, hoping that our will power holds until the last one is taken. I see them and smell them each time I go in there to fill my water bottle up. Of course, my favorite, the Boston Cream is still sitting there. She even let me know that she grabbed an extra one for me because she knows that I like them. Note, this is the same girl that I’ve been sharing my journey with this week. I believe that she means well though. I keep reminding myself of two things when I start checking out the donuts. They are:

1. They do not taste nearly as good as I remember.

2. I will feel like total crap after I eat one.

It isn’t just the guilt of bad food, or even the tummy ache that follows. Donuts bog me down and have me looking for a place to take a nap. So I’m holding on through the dreaded part of the morning. Then I will be happy it is Friday. Until then, I’m in a battle of wills with a box.


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