I stumble but do not fall

Yesterday, I slipped, but I still call it a win. About an hour after eating my lunch yesterday I was starving. I was circling the vending machine trying to rationalize picking something just to stop my tummy rumblings. I drank another 20 ounces of water and all that did was make me feel sloshy. I was saved from the vending machine by a lunch delivery error. An extra salad was delivered for a meeting that we were having on site. This salad is not like the ones that I make. This one had toppings that were oh so tasty and filling. As I sat there logging each and every one I realized, my calories were blown out of the water for the day. Here’s the win. Instead of saying, “oh well” and binging till my heart’s content (and later feeling like crap) I adjusted. I opted out of the instant mashed potatoes for dinner and switched to a brown rice. I picked the smallest piece of pork and didn’t even get a scoop of corn or apple sauce. I didn’t feel deprived since I now had a larger lunch and it allowed me to readjust my previously planned dinner calories. Was I still over? Yes, but not as much as I could have been.

Today has me adjusting again. I was running late, so I didn’t get to eat breakfast. I ate my lunch for breakfast, and now I just need to find something healthy (but satisfying) for lunch. Previously, I would have just stopped at Dunkin Donuts and picked up a breakfast sandwich and it would be a shame to be there and not get an iced coffee. But, not this time.

Have I mentioned that I have given up coffee? I know that I can have coffee, but the amount of sugar and milk I require to make it palatable to me pretty much classifies it as a junk food.

My workout for today is going to consist of wrestling boxes in our off site storage unit for a few hours. Other than stretching I’m just going to call it a day after that. So that’s it. I slipped. It isn’t the end of the world and it isn’t an end to my weight loss attempt. You’ve only failed if you cease to try and I’m not packing up.


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