I can do this!

Day 2 was a success and day 3 is off to a fine start. Yesterday, I came in under my allotted calories by about 100. I like using an app to track my calories. I added an avocado to my evening snack and when I saw that it put me over my calories, I opted for a Stonyfield Greek Yogurt. Little changes, and I’m on my way.

Yesterday’s cube circuit consisted of calf raises, scissor kicks (seated at my desk), tricep kickback, shoulder press and dead lifts. I met my goal of 1100 reps and I can sure feel it in my legs today. I used my lunch break yesterday to go purchase new sneakers. The boys at the sports stores are really frustrating. The most they can say about a shoe is that it is the latest technology, and that’s where their training ended. I ended up going to Sears and grabbing a pair of New Balance. I was hoping to try them out today, and go for a walk, but I woke up to rain and it hasn’t stopped yet. If it lets up, I’ll take a lap or two around the building.

Today, I will be putting together a weight loss jar. I am taking the idea from The Hot Mess Princess. She calls them motivation marbles. I have a shelf at work where I can keep them. Pretty much, you fill a jar with marbles that represent all of the weight that you need to remove to meet your goal. As you let pounds go, you remove a marble. I like visuals of my goals. I find that they help keep me on track.

I’ve noticed that I keep my fitness stuff at work. I am very self-conscious with weight loss. I won’t exercise near my boyfriend, or even hint that I’m changing my diet to be healthier. It is almost like I’m afraid that he’ll notice that I’m fat. I’ll work on my fears… eventually. I did manage to slip a salad into our dinner last night without him or the kids noticing (well, they didn’t say anything). The other option was a can of corn, and I was really leaning toward more greener veggies. I even have the leftover salad for lunch today.

I feel like today is even more manageable than yesterday. I am going to stay optimistic and keep on moving.


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