Ground Zero

They say that every journey starts with a single step. I am about to take mine. I know that I am not the healthiest of people. My weight goes up and down with each diet and phase in my life. It took one week for it to sink in just how far I have let things (me) go.

I go camping every year with my daughter. It is a Mother/Daughter camping weekend, and we started when she was 5. She’s now about to turn 9. This year, we swam, sang songs, helped clean up, made friends. We had a great time. As we walked up the hill to the pavilion on our final night, I was winded. I was winded enough that I needed to stop. This is definitely new. I have torn cartilage in my knee, and it is usually the injury that slows me down. This had nothing to do with pain, and everything to do with my body being just too much for me to move well. Toss in with that overhearing my daughter tell her friends about my nap earlier in the afternoon and we have a red flag.

A few days after returning from the lake and our lovely camping trip, it was the 4th of July. My boyfriend and I went into Boston with the kids. We walked around the city in the stifling heat. They waited for me to catch up, time and time again. I get the knowing look from my boyfriend, which is all wrong. He urges me to put my knee brace on and I don’t have the ability to tell him that my knee isn’t the problem. We grab a few more frosty bottles of water and are heading back to the water for the concert when I catch it. My reflection in a passing store front. Oh. My. Goodness. When did this happen? I am so very round. How did I not notice the disappearance of my waist? It all makes sense now, moving slowly, the disappearance of my energy, and my usual drive to get things done. My flexibility has not only dwindled, I can’t even move around myself to stretch like I used to. I go to sleep with my aching joints and I now see that it is because I am carrying around a burden far too large for them to comfortably handle.

I went on with our evening with these thoughts giving a steady hum in the back of my mind. I am a problem solver, and I know that I can fix this. We all know how to lose weight. It is simple. Eat less and move more. No more “diets”, I’ve done that and it works very temporarily. My system is broken. I am looking for a full repair with a lifetime warranty, not just a quick fix.

Today is my final Day 1. Here is my first step.


4 thoughts on “Ground Zero

  1. Completely relate to this! Doing exactly this too on my blog! Maybe we can support each other! Best of luck!! It’s just so hard to get into the habit until we start seeing results in the mirror!! x

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