Day 1

I have to say, I am very happy about my first day. I’m big on planning when I am making important decisions or changes and I have laid my groundwork out. On my way into the office this morning, I bought a scale to keep at work. I then weighed myself and took a few minutes to recover. I am now at my all time high, 268.8 lbs. I’m a full 16 lbs over my pregnancy weight. Although I really wanted to punish myself, instead, I took  that knowledge and went over to one of my favorite weight loss sites, I love this site, and I love the program. I have even enjoyed some great success while using it and the community that it provides. However, I have an unhealthy relationship with food with some underlying issues. To really work Jillian’s program, you can’t hide from your issues and fears. You need to jump right into them and, not only cope, but really face and move beyond. I get to a point, around 30 lbs lost, and then I end up curled up in bed for a week or so trying to hide from myself. Not easy to do… But this was a pleasant visit to Jillian’s site because I was there for information; I need my “magic number”. Your magic number is the number of calories that you may eat per day to meet your goals. Mine, in this instance, is a goal of losing 2 lbs/week, which gives me 1647 calories per day. I came in under by 18 calories. Woo!

I work in a cubicle, but not in a cube farm. I am a lone cubicle surrounded by (mostly empty) offices. When I start moving again, I like to do what I call Cube Circuits. These are simple exercises that require no extra tools and can be done discretely in my cube. Today’s goal, which I met, was 1000 reps total, and my exercises included squats, punches, leg extensions, arm circles, and a move that I have named a kickback (pretty much, I stand there and try to kick my own butt). Tomorrow, I have different moves and I’m shooting for 1100 reps. I know that these don’t really take the place of a workout at the gym, but I really haven’t been moving and this is inching me in the right direction.

I love the energy that positive changes give me. I love that I can carry this extra enthusiastic oomph over to other aspects of my life. I have some good momentum coming off of day 1, I’m going to ride it right into day 2 and beyond.


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