Target: in sight.

My list helped yesterday. It may not have been a perfectly productive day, but I finally got things moving.

Today I would like to exercise more than just walking or my cube circuits. I was looking at the physical requirements for the FBI (an old dream of mine… I heard they needed auditors), and I do not even come close to meeting them. I would really like to make this my physical goal. You are graded on a scale of -2 – 10 , and the tests are: sit ups in one minute, 300 meter sprint (timed), push ups, and 1.5 mile (timed). So, the -2 rank in each of them are:

  • 29 sit ups in a minute
  • 67.5 seconds for 300 meters
  • 4 push ups
  • 15 minutes for 1.5 miles

I now have physical goals. Granted they are the bottom of the barrel FBI goals, but it is on the chart. I keep saying that I want to be more physically fit, but I feel like I’ve been floundering instead of moving forward. This is a very clear target to aim for. I look forward to seeing where I stand.

All things in smaller portions.

Today, I am frazzled. I had a flat tire this morning; it is now fixed. My boss is flying in tomorrow for our month end, and I am late on writing some procedures for him. I have a pile of work that accumulated while I was on vacation and I kind of get paralyzed when I look at it. I stepped off the track for dinner last night as well. I was hungry, but I probably didn’t need the ice cream and fudge for dessert. I had been so focused, I don’t want to deal with an off day. 

I need a list, a very detailed list. I always have a to do list, but today it feels overwhelming. If I break things down into smaller bites, then I can get something done while seeing the progress as I cross things off. This applies to my weight loss goals too. If I look at the 133 lbs I have to lose, it feels impossible. But, if I am looking at my first goal of 27 lbs, then I’m already half way there. I like the 10% goal. It is reasonable, and it can be achieved in an amount of time where I don’t feel like I’ve been working on it forever before I’ve had any real progress. I know that any progress is good, but seeing the number drop on the scale fuels my motivation for another week.

I didn’t pack lunch today either. I’m ordering a salad from down the street, no dressing. I have apple cider vinegar to splash on it. I will save today and be productive. Now to make my list.

I love this song!

Driving up to my office building, I could see my plant in the window in dire need of a drink. I took care of my happy plant and then poked around my desk for a bit. I have to admit, I was a bit fearful of today’s weigh in once I arrived at work. I was now putting it off by tiding my space. Now, I’m pretty happy that I stood on the scale. I am now 254.6 lbs. That’s down another 2.2 lbs from last week and 14.2 from my starting weight. So facing the music was a lovely song to hear. I can dance to this all week 🙂

I am faced with a rainy day today. I brought my umbrella and sneakers and I plan on facing drizzle if I must. I really want to start the week off strong. I even packed my lunch this morning with 2 healthy snacks if needed. There’s a break in the weather now, so I’m heading out. Wish me luck in staying dry.

Facing the vacation music

Today is my last day of vacation and tomorrow is my weigh in day. I really hope I did as well as I’m anticipating. I had two days where I know I could have done better with my food choices and water consumption. I’m also returning to a high stress week. Month end is always a challenge and it typically has me tied to my desk and ordering out. I have kale and plenty of grilled chicken in the fridge. All I have to do is pack my lunch and I will be able to avoid ordering out. As for the stress and being tied to my desk, I need to make myself take breaks and go for a walk. It is really easy for me to lose myself in work and not move for hours. I think that I’ll set an alarm for break times so that I have something to snap me out of my trance.

In other news, I’m moving in with my boyfriend. I won’t be working out on days that I’m moving boxes. I packed up my car with one load today and I was sweating my butt off. I have so much more to do. I know I could just pack up the boxes and get a truck and have my friends show up and move me, but I kind of want to do it all myself. I’m not sure why. I’ll probably ponder that while I’m trying to sleep tonight.

Recovery day

I am in need of a recovery day, so I am going to take it. My legs hurt so much after climbing and walking for the past two days. I am practically waddling. Today I will keep eating healthy foods and stretching. Lots of stretching.

Climbing through vacation week

We’re still on vacation and I definitely got a workout in today. We went to Take Flight in Kittery, ME, and oh my goodness it was a lot harder than I expected, but sooo much fun! It is one of those rope climbing/obstacle courses. While I knew that it looked difficult, it was more challenging than that. I was scared as soon as I was on the first obstacle. It was pure mind over matter that got me moving along. It helped that I knew that my daughter was watching me. I wasn’t going to let it be my fault that she chickened out. She was frozen in fear for a bit, but I took her dad’s place as her partner and then we were moving along (slowly) over cable bridges and tires and cargo nets. I am tuckered out and I know that I’ll be feeling this tomorrow. I am stretching here and there hoping that will help. I would love to do it again! They have a great staff that helped my daughter over ropes and gain confidence. They cheered her on all along the way.

I’ve been surprisingly keeping on target with my food even though we’re eating out more than I expected. I’m ordering a lot of salmon and doubling up on veggies instead of getting a starch. I’ll see how I did on Monday when I’m near my scale again. We are heading to Six Flags New England tomorrow, so I’ll definitely get my walking in. I hope that everyone is having a lovely week 🙂

Vacation has begun

I’m officially on vacation now. We’re heading off to Boston to take a ride on Codzilla. It is a speed boat that takes you on a crazy ride and you have a fabulous time. I’m hoping that we get to kick around in the city for a bit before we head back home. Quincy Market is right around the corner from there. I’m hoping to get a lot of steps in today. I’m also bringing fruit as a snack. Hopefully, that’ll take the edge off of lunch and I won’t end up stuffing my face with fried seafood. Legal Seafoods is right next to where we’ll be going.

I also have a delivery coming in today. I ordered some organic deodorant and lotions from I liked how they let you pick 3 samples to come with your order. There were so many other items that I wanted to try, but I have a lot of stuff to use up first too. I’ll let you know how it all goes.

Unexpected Sprinting

I went for a walk last night. I kind of felt guilty about skipping a day and/or not walking on the weekend. I walked to the drugstore and back. I believe that I left a bit late. It was dark by the time I returned. There’s a big stretch of road that doesn’t have any sidewalks and the corners are pretty blind. This actually helped my workout… I ran when ever I hit one of those turns. As soon as the coast was clear, I took off as fast as I could. I don’t think I’ve done sprints since I played soccer. I sure was sweating by the time I returned. I will not be walking today, I did yard work instead. I believe that wrestling vines for a while is a suitable substitute. I was taken down by a thistle. This bugger was taller than me and my gloves were no challenge for those thorns. I pulled all of them out, but the spots are tender.

We went grocery shopping earlier. I am very glad that most of our foods were fresh produce and meats. We were really light on the packaged stuff. I may be a good influence after all. My BF even opted for celery instead of chips. He said he isn’t really setting a good example for the kids when he finishes off a bag of chips. I gave a very happy nod of approval. I’m still not drinking alcohol. I feel like it is a waste of calories. There are plenty of other things that I’d rather spend 200 calories on, and a beverage isn’t one of them. And that’s it. I hope that everyone is having a lovely weekend.

Beating the heat

The first activity of my vacation was going to the giant water gun fight in Boston. We had a great time running around and taking on the other seasons. We were on team winter.

We followed it up with a trip to The Cheesecake Factory. I got a turkey burger with a salad instead of fries. Half of my burger is in the fridge now. I’m glad to be making good choices in uncontrolled areas. I have to admit, I was a bit concerned when the location was decided.

Here’s my big news… I did a weigh in yesterday before leaving the office, since that’s where my scale lives. 256.8!! That’s down another 4 lbs!! Woo!! I’m doing something right, so I’m sticking with it.

Not Sweating the Donuts This Week

Last week I was filled with dread when I thought of having to walk past the donuts in the cafeteria on Friday. Today I was able to stride right by and fill my water. I have no desire to take that step back, I am bouncing forward with a spring in my step.

Yesterday, I increased my laps around the building to 4. I was trying to shake my crappy mood. My shins don’t like it for some reason, but I think that they’ll get used to it and stop aching. I’m vaguely remembering shin splints from my soccer days, but I don’t remember doing anything about it except running more. My goal was achieved, I felt a lot better after breaking a sweat.

I am on vacation next week. I’m taking a page out of iBehavior Coach’s book (this one) and adding physical activities into my time off. I’m also coming up with menus for food to bring in a cooler on a few days so that I can keep up with my healthy munching and continue to pass it along (enforce on) the kids.

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